Sterling Silver

While I only use .925 sterling silver in my jewelry, this metal is still susceptible to tarnishing through the natural process of oxidization. To help slow this process, wear your jewelry! The natural oils from your skin help keep your piece shiny and beautiful. Additionally, putting your silver jewelry in a plastic bag when it is not being worn will slow down the process. Finally, I recommend using “Yellow Sunshine Cloths” which can be found on Amazon.com. These cloths gently clean and polish silver (or any other metal) and bring the jewelry back to it’s original shine


Copper naturally tarnishes through the process of oxidization to create a warmer feel to the piece. To prevent this from happening, avoid touching your copper jewelry too often with your hands as the oil from your skin will speed up the process of oxidization. Additionally, putting your copper jewelry in a plastic bag when it is not being worn will slow down the process. Finally, to completely clean your copper jewelry and bring back its original, shiny luster, dip your copper piece into a small bowl containing a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Let jewelry sit for 30-60 seconds or until desired shine is achieved. Then rinse, dry and enjoy! This process can be safely repeated throughout the lifetime of your piece.

To extend the life of your piece, avoid wearing when working out, showering or during any vigorous activity that might damage the piece. Katelyn Elyse Jewelry is not responsible for replacing jewelry that has been damaged by the customer. However, I am happy to help fix a broken piece for a fee representational of the effort it would take to restore.